February 26th, 2014

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The Bike Shed BSMCC 3 show May 24th-25th

April 6th, 2014

Bike shed



We will be showing two bikes at the Bike Shed show in May. Get along. Here is the link to the FB Page https://www.facebook.com/events/238329573018716/

We will be unveiling the grooviest trail sled the world has ever seen. Here are some components to keep you guessing.



Sniffin’ Petrol

April 2nd, 2014


Punk Rock and motorcycling.........an idea.


I can’t remember where I was or how old I was when I realised that the image of Sid Vicious carousing down a country lane on a BSA was the most perfect collision of two aspects of my youthful obsessions that had up until then been entirely separate.


There was Sid standing up and punching the air weaving on his bike while Something Else or C’mon Everybody blasted out . It was magical and many a time I tried to emulate it on my bicycle before year zero arrived and my provisional dropped onto the door mat. After that it got more serious.

When I turned sixteen and I could legally ride on the road I already had had a leather jacket for two years . A market cheapy that had been bought several sizes too big it sufficed for at least the first five years of my motorcycling life even though it was full of holes from all the studs and stunk of piss. With my cheap stadium lid, ski gloves, bleached jeans and doctor martens I was a junior punk rocker on a moped hell bent on destruction. At a top speed of 41mph.



Having had a stylistic fixation with Outlaw Chopper gangs and Rockers as a small boy in the early seventies it was natural that when I became old enough to join in on two wheels I would look the part at least.

Punk Rock was excellent for youngsters in the Styx , it was mental. Add motorcycles, petrol sniffing, weird toadstools and older cousins and brothers that rode proper bikes and had cut off’s and originals into the mix and you’ve got a home counties phenomena that looked terrifying to Mr Public and irritating as hell to the old Bill.

clash motor cycleScansione0009


Sid’s bikes, a CB350 and what looked like a BSA starfire were the start of it but not a lot else seemed to be happening in the Punk-bike world except for the Clash farting about on an L-Plated trailer and the Rezillos references until Mad Max 2 cemented the bond permanently between two wheeled terror and Punk imagery. We lapped it up, out came the matt black spray and the pistol crossbows. I kid you not.

Then Tunbridge Wells’s Anti Nowhere League legitimised the whole deal by being ex chopper riding bikers that became our band of choice in the Kent/Surrey hinterlands. Wonderful times.



Now, I know Billy Idol rides and falls off bikes with some commitment and several other twats are out there doing something mid-life with their trousers on a sickle but it’ll never be as fucked up out there as it was between 79 and 84.